The slow food to lose weight?

When Macdonald came to Italy in the late 1980s, a group of Italians decided to mobilize people about the degrading effects of industrial foods and the standardization of tastes. The movement is simply called Slow Food with a snail as a logo.

The goal is to fight against junk food and eat healthy . And it turns out that the method is also effective to lose weight.

How does slow food make you lose weight?
The slow food diet is approved by nutritionists. The choice of fresh and organic ingredients, the right method of cooking them and slow chewing contribute to weight loss. The application of slow food bio x keto improves digestion and accelerates metabolism.

In addition, the brain begins to realize satiety after 20 minutes . Thus, if you eat at a slower pace, you will eat less, because you will have the feeling of having a full stomach after two dozen minutes at the table.

To optimize the slimming effects of slow food, choose low-calorie products such as vegetables and legumes . Do not forget to consume seasonal fruits produced in your city or region. As for meat, it is allowed as long as it does not add too much fat. Above all, diversify your recipes to taste new flavors and lose weight faster.

Slow food, how does it work?
Also known as ecogastronomy, slow food is a philosophy that encourages people to become aware of the detrimental consequences of fast food. The principle of this diet is to take the time to select local ingredients of the highest quality , healthy and organic, cook them and enjoy them with loved ones.

It is a kind of return to traditional gastronomy. In addition, slow food allows local farmers to grow. Note that the movement is also pushing its followers to take meals in a quiet place and chew slowly to enjoy the food .

The other advantages of slow food
The slow food movement is a way of life that keeps you healthy . It is well known that eating organic and varied foods brings many benefits to the body in general. By eating slowly, you prevent heartburn, acid reflux, bloating and flatulence . In other words, you will be away from digestive disorders that can sometimes be the cause of other ailments such as migraine, fatigue, rashes.

In addition, this diet does not necessarily mean spending a lot of time preparing each meal. Choose a quick and easy recipe to make when you’re in a hurry. On the other hand, there are no other alternatives for slow chewing .

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