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Sports program to lose 10 pounds in 1 month

Diets passing the infusions slimming , there are several recommended solutions to lose weight. Like these, practicing physical activity is an effective method to achieve the goal of losing 10 pounds in 1 month. This involves motivation, a healthy diet and the practice of certain specific exercises. The usefulness of sports activity to reach your […]

The slow food to lose weight?

When Macdonald came to Italy in the late 1980s, a group of Italians decided to mobilize people about the degrading effects of industrial foods and the standardization of tastes. The movement is simply called Slow Food with a snail as a logo. The goal is to fight against junk food and eat healthy . And […]

How to lose 5 kg in 1 month for a man?

Losing 5 kg in 1 month, the challenge is not slim, but quite conceivable by adopting a good eating habit and regular sports practice . Whether you are a man or a woman, it is not enough to put you in cabbage soup morning, noon and evening to lose weight, but it takes your good […]

List of great foods against fatigue

The super food is natural . It is named for its beneficial properties on our body. These are fruits, berries , vegetables, seeds or seaweed. Among their countless properties, highlight the 10 most effective to fight against fatigue. Kiwi : The fruit that contains the most vitamin C (97.2 mg / 100 gr) and even […]

How to eliminate cellulite on the calves?

When sitting on your calves, cellulite can really ruin your life by preventing you from showing off your legs . To quickly get rid of your complex, no secret: you need a real anti-cellulite program. Among your priorities, drink and move. The calves, privileged target of water cellulite The location of your orange peel tells […]

Beginner’s routine to gain muscle

Many people search online for training programs to gain muscle , and do not know which one to start with. There is already so much information available that for the beginner it is simply too much to make an easy decision. However, here is my advice. Even the most intricate of exercise routines still maintain […]

Bodybuilding and fitness, health, exercise and nutrition

Keys to bodybuilding and fitness Being physical activities based on strong and constant training, it is also important to know that for the practice of these the monitoring and organization of certain tips is key to staying always healthy, with the right nutrition and the body dreamed. Nutrition in bodybuilding and fitness Nutrition is a […]

What is muscular failure in training

Today in Madness Fitness we will talk about what muscular failure is in training. Because it is important that you know this technical words. If you have just entered a gym you do not have to know about these words, but if you already have some time, you will surely have heard about muscle failure […]

CrossFit: Does it work or not?

Making Crossfit has become very popular all over the world, so much so that it has made games of competition worldwide that puts many people to execute these exercises in order to test the strength and muscular strength. However, is CrossFit beneficial? It is important that you read this article to get an idea of […]

Rotation of the bust to the pulley

Here is an isolation exercise that I practice regularly at the end of my abdominal session. It is useful for strengthening the size, especially the obliques, on the side, and is unilateral. He has a reputation for reducing waist circumference and helping to remove love handles. But as you know, it is especially your diet […]