How to make the high protein diet over 5 days?

Fast, easy and effective, some diets do not require any effort, your weight loss does not necessarily go through hours on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. By the way, so that you can keep the line , you could use the natural and organic hyperprotein diet.

Whatever the reason for choosing to follow this 5-day diet, it’s important to have the drive and motivation to get a good result .

Day 1, how does it work?
When we set a goal, we must reach it at all costs . Although this program is one of the most reputable, it can become dangerous in the long run. That’s why, before embarking on a slimming diet keto drox like this, the advice and advice of the dietitian or doctor is very essential.

At breakfast , you could have a cup of coffee and a cake of oat bran, for example .

At lunch, vary your dishes by focusing on lean meats or shellfish.

As for dinner , you could prepare a light dish.

Day 2 of the high protein diet
On day 2 of your diet , you could add green vegetables besides starchy foods, salsify, artichokes and avocados.

In the morning , you could make a fruit juice not too sweet and eat the oat bran cake.

At noon , prepare a seasoned vegetable menu the way you like it, where you can add lean steak.

Day 3 of the slimming program
You can add a portion of fruit on day 3 of your diet while of course avoiding red fruits and bananas.

In the morning, make a muffin by adding oat bran and drink a cup of tea. At lunch, eat cauliflower with chicken liver .

And in the evening , just grab a tomato salad before you sleep.

Day 4 of the high protein diet
On the fourth day of your diet , you could drink coffee and eat two slices of wholemeal bread in the morning .

At lunch , you could prepare scrambled egg with broccoli. And the dessert ¼ pineapple.

At dinner , enjoy grilled chicken and pepper salad.

Day 5 of the hyperprotein cure
During the fifth day of your cure , keto drox you could add cheese to your dish. For this, in the morning, add cheese to your bread and drink with a good glass of juice not too sweet .

At noon, prepare a bean salad and salmon steak .

And in the evening, prepare a light dish.

In short, by adopting this diet you will enjoy all the benefits brought. However, it can have serious consequences such as bloating , water retention or the yoyo effect.

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