How to lose 19 pounds in 3 months?

There are many reasons why a person wants to lose weight, and yet it is not always easy to achieve this goal . We follow all kinds of diets, we pay attention to our diet, we do more sport than we’ve ever done and yet the results are meager.

To wonder if it is really possible to lose weight when our body proves us the opposite. If you want to refine your silhouette leaving behind 19 kg, here are some tips to help you achieve your challenge.

Is there an effective way to lose 19 kg in 3 months?

There are different ways to lose weight quickly , but the basis is to combine sports and food. Be sure to do daily exercise and not to exceed 1300 kcal for your meals of the day. You can especially have a simple breakfast.

Sugar free tea with 30 grams of bread will be enough. For lunch why not eat a little bit of everything? Just avoid eating starchy foods . In the evening, make room for a homemade soup. Remember that your consumption should peak at 1300 kcal per day.

Regarding your physical activities , the ideal would be to do 4 to 5 times a week. You can go to the gym and ride an elliptical , step or bodybuilding, as you wish. The squat is also a complete exercise that can only do good to your figure , whether you are a man or a woman.

If you prefer to avoid gyms, you can still go running. Besides, running is not just a cardio exercise , it is also a very effective way to accentuate weight loss.

With only one hour of jogging , you can spend up to 650 kcal, depending on your speed. Note that to lose 1 kg per week, you only need to spend about 1300 kcal per day. To improve your endurance abilities , adapt a split workout. This will allow you to speed up your speed and therefore increase your calorie expenditure.

Some tips not to neglect

To avoid nutritional deficiencies and to avoid getting sick, consult a nutritionist. It will inform you about your energy needs and help you understand how your body’s metabolism really works. So, for you to succeed in your diet, find motivation and think back every time you are tempted to give up.

In short, losing 19 kg in 3 is not a Keto Genesys miracle. You just need to consume an average of 1300 kcal per day and you are sure to lose those unnecessary weights.

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