How to lose 13 kg in 3 months?

Losing 13 pounds in 3 months is certainly the dream of many men and women. If this is your dream too, be aware that this weight loss of 13 kilograms in three months is a very achievable goal that you can achieve with good eating habits and practicing a sporting activity.

Before you begin, contact your doctor to be sure that your current state of health allows you to diet and that your weight loss needs are justified. Find out here how to lose those pounds.

How to lose 13 kg in 3 months

Well compose your meals to lose weight in 3 months

For a better distribution of food that you ingest during the day, you need three meals. But you must not eat any food to reduce your weight! Your meals must be well composed to eat balanced and reduce your weight.

For that, you just need to feed your body with carbohydrates and lipids, but also with proteins, fiber and vitamins and minerals. What is important here is to satisfy your nutritional needs by playing on the complementarity between the various families.

Without integrating your breakfast , this gives this: a portion of fish, egg or meat, as a source of iron and protein, a dish of pulses, bread or starchy foods , as a source of minerals, carbohydrates complex and fiber, fruits and vegetables for minerals , vitamins and fiber, a fat for vitamins and essential fatty acids, a dairy product for your calcium intake , not to mention the water to hydrate you and bring you complementary minerals.

You can also drink green tea to help you reach your goal , but be sure to drink it hours before or after your main meals to Ez3 Keto prevent iron anemia.

So the weight watchers diet can be a complete answer to the question how to compose your meals to slim down . Because this diet makes lose weight without depriving oneself, by making an excellent distribution of the food which you ingerez.

Avoid certain products to increase your chances of reaching your goal

To lose weight by keeping a healthy and balanced diet , you must find the right balance when cooking with fat and other sources of basic lipids. You must therefore limit your excessively fatty foods ( pastries , greasy meat, charcuterie, etc.), bet on cooking methods devoid of fat (steam, plancha, court-bouillon, foil, etc.), diversify your contributions and have a light hand on fat for the seasoning of your dishes (margarine, oil, cream , etc.) to put raw food on your ready to eat, to keep their nutritional qualities.

Exercise regularly to ensure rapid weight loss

Stamina is a perfect type of exercise to help you lose 13 pounds fast, because an endurance exercise allows your body to work your heart and burn calories.

To lose 13 kilograms in three months, you will need 30 to 60 minutes of moderate and intense endurance exercises every day. Go step by step to not start strong and lose motivation.

Jogging , running, rowing , walking, cycling and swimming, for example, are excellent cardio exercises.

If you can not play an afternoon frisbee or attend a 45-minute dance class, there are other ways to sweat. At home, you can do yoga , and even intensive housework!

If you do these physical activities after giving birth , do not exceed your limits and especially taking into account your shape. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor before starting the sport after your delivery.

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