A lemon detox diet over 3 days for optimal weight loss

Lemon is a must for diets. He is known for a long time to be a loyal slimming ally and always at the rendezvous. Today we use this fruit for various reasons including the possibility of using it for a detox cure of the body.

This is all the more important as this detox makes it possible to prepare the ground for a more strict and durable regime. Here is all you need to know about this acid fruit and its detoxifying properties for the body.

How to cure for 3 days?
The use of this fruit during slimquick keto these three days is simple: lemonade and lemon drink. To make lemonade, you need lemon juice , water, cinnamon and cayenne pepper . This simple and very effective recipe is to be drunk every morning when you jump from bed and before each meal.

You can soften the taste a bit with honey and not sugar if you feel it is too sour for you. In addition to that, dip one or two lemons in warm water for 3 minutes then crush the lumps in the water to make it a lemony drink that you will sip all day long.

During these three days, for your meals you will have a light menu based on food in their natural state. So prefer raw fruits and vegetables .

To avoid deficiencies, you can consume some meat cooked in the oven or grill without fat . This program will allow you to have meals with very few calories to already start to lose weight. For day 1, day 2 and day 3, you will have as a typical day: the morning waking up a lemonade, then an apple and a kiwi.

Lunch a lemonade then fresh vegetables and 100 grams of meat and in the evening, a lemonade with a fruit salad. You will soon find that you will feel lighter and more dynamic.

The slimming virtues of lemon
Lemon is very popular for several reasons in the field of thinness . First, it is a very effective natural appetite suppressant since it is filled with fiber which allows to eat less. Then, it is also useful for reducing the body’s absorption of fat.

And finally, it is of great help for better digestion and a flatter belly . It also has a laxative effect. Integrate this fruit into its nutrition is a very good thing to do even if it is not for a detox cure.

The benefits of lemon on health
This fruit is also full of good virtues for the health of the body in general. It is first of all perfect to help the liver eliminate toxins . It is full of essential C vitamins to have good energy throughout the day and for a healthy body. And finally, it is an excellent anti bacterial that will strengthen your immune system.

How to make a good cure based on this tangy fruit? Just drink a mixture of lemon, honey, cinnamon and water before each meal for a quick result. The opinions of the women who used it are all very positive and it also reduces kcal meals. Do not forget that, like the essential oil, this treatment is not recommended during pregnancy so as not to affect the baby’s health.

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