How to lose 3 kg at 55?

The pounds can quickly accumulate after 55 years. Difficult then to lose weight quickly and well without paying more attention. Here are some tips for losing 3 kg by avoiding going through the Weight Watchers diet box!

Pay attention to food and cook your own dishes
Each additional calorie is attached to the hips or thighs? It’s normal, you’re not 20 anymore! After a certain age, the body has more trouble eliminating excess. To avoid getting belly and hips, just watch what you put on your plate.

No more frozen pizzas or prepared meals, far too rich in added sugar or bad fats . Bet on fresh vegetables, steamed or raw vegetables, as well as white fish or lean meats.

Do not be fooled by the sauces and add only 2 teaspoons of olive oil to your dishes to provide the essential nutrients for your body. For dessert, avoid industrial biscuits and bite into an apple, pear or peach, depending on the season.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself throughout the day to promote the elimination of toxins.

Cumulate healthy diet and regular physical activity
If diet plays a big role in weight loss after age 55, you should also keep or resume physical activity. Indeed, to lose 3 kg nutrix slim keto without taking them back, it is better to eliminate calories. If you have never played sports, you do not need running or zumba at this age.

Fortunately, swimming is one of the sports that allows you to lose weight as quickly and durably , provided you are persistent and consistent. In order to naturally strengthen the whole body and really lose weight, go to the pool 2 to 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

The crawl is the swim that makes the whole body work the most . You will see the beneficial effects on your figure after about 3 months.

Brisk walking (and especially Nordic walking) is also very effective for toning the body . Without even realizing it, at the rate of 4 outings a week, you will have a stomach, glutes and thighs firmer.

Easily lose 3 kg at 55 by eliminating too much calories and being active / active. Just bet on raw products (fruits, vegetables, lean meats, white fish) and avoid sugar or prepared dishes. Walk a little every day and swim 2 to 3 times a week.

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