Cycling outside to lose weight?

Regular sports activities help maintain fitness and burn unnecessary calories. And cycling is an excellent discipline that allows you to spend well as you should. It is a complete sport that works several muscles of the body.

Nowadays, many people use their Slimlook Forskolin exercise bike to refine the silhouette , which is a good idea, but practicing outdoor cycling is still the best option.

Ride a bike outside to lose weight

Why bike outside is it better to lose weight?

Whether it’s an elliptical bike or a road bike , you always have to pedal. And for that, it is necessary to make work the legs, the thighs, the calves, the hips, the buttocks and the belly. So, if we only consider this parameter, we could say that both can lose weight in the same way.

And yet, it is far from being case. Cycling outdoors brings even more benefits . In addition to letting you get fresh air, this outdoor activity requires more concentration to maintain balance. Road conditions may require you to work harder not to lose control.

While with an exercise bike, the movements often remain stationary. Cycling outdoors for 30 minutes will lose up to 350 calories versus just 200 calories for an elliptical trainer at home or in the gym.

How to practice outdoor cycling to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight quickly , but are new to this practice, start with 3 sessions of 20 minutes the first week and increase your endurance as you go. The ideal is to practice cycling 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day, 15 minutes to go and 15 minutes to return.

This will allow you to lose weight very quickly and improve your cardio-respiratory endurance.

Other benefits of the outdoor bike

In addition to better weight loss, outdoor cycling also provides a sense of well-being. It is a most effective anti-stress activity. And do not forget that stress is one of the common factors causing weight gain.

Regular use of your bicycle as a means of transportation also allows you to have a better heart rate.

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