Chromotherapy to lose weight?

It is not uncommon to see people on a diet who complain about not getting thinner despite a well-respected dietary restriction and regular physical activity.

Experts say that the mind can natura farms keto play a decisive role in weight loss . An always tense person may not be able to burn fat properly.

It is necessary to work the mood and fight the stress to reach quickly the objective . In this, chromotherapy is an excellent solution.

The slimming benefits of chromotherapy
To understand the slimming benefits of this alternative medicine, one must first know its definition . It consists of taking a bath of light in a specialized room, in a sauna, spa treatment or even in your own bathroom to solve a concern for aesthetics or health. The principle is that each color has its own healing powers depending on the degree of heat it diffuses.

This method can act on the physical healing of certain evils, on the emotional fighting against negative waves and on the mind by promoting relaxation and helping to regain vitality.

The meaning of colors is of paramount importance in the practice of chromotherapy . If the goal is to lose weight, opt for colors that have antistress properties and makes it more dynamic.

What are the colors to lose weight?
In chromotherapy, the most used color to help patients in their weight loss process is the rose. Why ? Because it’s the most effective color to fight stress.

By taking a bath of pink light, you will be very relaxed and free from any form of anxiety. Thus, food urges caused by stress will no longer be necessary . This soft color helps you regain self-confidence, limit cravings and forget the stress of the diet if you follow one of strict enough.

White is also a good color for weight loss in chromotherapy. It has energizing properties to increase your performance in the sport. Yellow is effective to fight against depression.

Blue unties all your tensions and can be more advantageous if combined with the red which is a real stimulant . Normally, your chromotherapist first establishes a color test that will show which colors you are most receptive to. The camera will then send the correct color (s).

Is chromotherapy really effective in losing weight?
According to the opinions of people who have already tested it, this method really works. The rose is the most natura farms keto dosage unanimous. Apparently, the result is more convincing for those who have opted for this anti-stress and slimming color. Just note that chromotherapy should be associated with a healthy lifestyle if you want to lose weight.

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