Better digestion thanks to phytotherapy?

Usually of food origin, or emotional in some cases, digestive disorders are particularly painful, and are quite likely to slow down a process of weight loss during a slimming diet.

In addition to classical medicine, herbal medicine improves digestion thanks to a much more natural method.

The power of plants on digestion
Used for a long time to treat many ailments, herbal medicine is nowadays one of the most used methods for the improvement of digestion.

In simpler terms, it is a k2 slim keto practice of using the active ingredients of medicinal plants to relieve the problems of the digestive system as naturally as possible.

It should be noted that good digestion is essential for weight loss, not only to fight against bloating , but also to promote the elimination of toxins in the body.

Unlike allopathy which is more standardized, with herbal medicine, it is quite possible to proceed to a much more personalized approach, by combining among others several plants and by modulating the proportions, so that the treatment is as adapted as possible to the troubles that the patient suffers.

With each disorder its own treatment
In the field of herbal medicine, each difficult digestion will be treated with precision. As a reference, plants with bitter substances reflexively stimulate the activity of the stomach wall, and subsequently promote the secretion of gastric juices.

Gentian combined with lemon balm extract relieves dyspepsia and gastroesophageal reflux. Some plants promote choleretic action, that is to say, the increase of the production of bile by the liver, facilitate the secretion in the intestine through cholagogue action, while others have antispasmodic virtues both on the stomach and on the intestine.

As an indication, with their anti-acid and anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric and licorice treat intestinal disorders . With their digestive properties, dandelion and artichoke leaves are perfect to improve transit and treat slow digestion, and walnut to relieve diarrhea, thanks to its intestinal antiseptic action.

Precautions to take
Although herbal medicine is based on the active ingredients of plants, it is particularly important to take precautions, because the consumption of some of them may be incompatible with the use of conventional drugs. Plants containing bitter substances are, for example, contraindicated in patients with stomach ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Those who stimulate the production of bile are advised against biliary colic . It is the same for antispasmodics that are likely to interact with drugs related to the nervous system.

Herbal medicine is a practical and natural solution that can cure problems related to digestion . On the other hand, in case of doubt and especially when the patient follows any medical treatment, it is always more prudent to seek the opinion of a doctor.

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