5 mistakes not to be made on dating sites

More and more couples meet, today, on specialized sites. But then, women are complicated and there are rules to follow and mistakes to do especially not commit

It is obvious that a pretty girl on a dating site receives daily hundreds of messages, winks and other foot calls. So if you want her to spot you, you have to be original. And for that, it is absolutely necessary to avoid these 5 errors, the most frequent ones.

First mistake: “Winks” and others “Add to Favorites”
Showing your interest in this way is fast, certainly, but very vulgar. It’s a bit like putting a girl in a shopping cart. You know what I mean ? Not very glorious.

Instead, choose to: Send him a message. Find an original title that denotes another “Hi”, “Hey” and “Message in Subject”. tarvos testo Open the dialogue with a little humor then talk about things she described in her profile . Ask him a question about one of these topics to encourage him to answer you. And of course, avoid mistakes.

Second mistake: chat
Regardless of your physique or what you have to say, girls usually do not like to chat with a stranger.

Opt instead to: Send him a message, again. But by email, this time. You can always ask him if it would not bother him to chat, for simplicity, but if you are at this level of dialogue, as much offer him a real date.

Third mistake: the isolated photo
It seems obvious, the first impression on a dating site is the look . So avoid having only a poor blurred picture of you or worse a picture of your back.

Opt instead to: Load several photos of you that highlight you. Remember to vary the position and the light and avoid that all the photos appear to have been taken at the same time in your bathroom.

Fourth mistake: the size of your … profile
Your profile should be neither too short nor too long. If you write a novel, not only will no one read you but the girls will think that you are imbued with your person. And if you do not write enough, they’ll think you’re lazy …

Opt instead for: Finding the right balance. 500 words in total. Talk about things you like, what you like to do, and be honest.

Fifth mistake: the angry message
If a chick does not respond to your message, do not take it as a personal attack. No, even if you took two hours to write it. The girls on these sites do not owe you anything and do not know you. No need to send a message while being pissed off.

Instead, look for: Find another girl, if your initial target has never answered your first message. If it has already answered some of your messages but not the last, you can send a message like “Hi, I hope everything is fine for you. Just to remind you of his good memories. She may have zapped your message unintentionally, and if it’s the right one, it would be a shame to spoil everything …

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