Month: November 2018

Detox menu with spring flavors

Start a small detox cure just before the summer allows undeniably to approach the holidays , or at least the beautiful days, with energy and good mood because yes, your well-being begins well and truly on your plate. On a day, a weekend or longer, choose a period during which you will have time to […]

The hypocaloric diet: deficiencies?

In terms of weight loss, the hypocaloric diet is recognized as being very effective . Yet, official health organizations regularly alert people to the risks associated with this type of restrictive slimming regime. Based on a lack of certain essential nutrients , this low-calorie treatmentwould have adverse health consequences if it is sustainable . The […]

Side slits for tapered legs?

With age or following weight gain, your legs tend to gain volume and relax . Today, you will be able to take control of yourself, thanks to a bodybuilding exercise relatively easy to perform. Directly inspired by yoga, the side slits will bring you physical and psychological well-being. Side slits and their benefits The side […]

High protein diet without any meat

Although vegan food is becoming increasingly important in our diet , when it comes to protein, we must recognize that we are still poorly informed. Is it possible to follow a high protein diet without meat ? Of course ! How it works ? We will even reveal all the secrets! Successful weight loss thanks […]

What to eat before the morning sport?

Choosing to practice a workout in the morning is good but to really optimize your training, it is the food that is crucial. While eating before morning physical exercise? Why do you have to eat when you wake up? If you choose not to eat at all or too little, your body will be harmed […]

How to make a draconian diet over 4 days?

thrma splut “I found a diet that promises me to lose at least four pounds in a few days, does it work?” Yes, no doubt. In a few days, men and women can lose weight quickly by adopting a very restrictive diet that leads to eating with between 700 and 1200 Kcal / day. All slimming […]

4 ways to make money by writing on the internet

How to make money by writing on the internet? Several solutions are available to you according to your objective and your skills: I earn money with my sites but I understand that it does not interest everyone that’s why I made you a list of trades or good plans. But for me the best way […]

Dropshipping, Create a profitable business!

Everyone wants to create a profitable business with as little money as possible to take a minimum risk in case of failure. The perfect business is the one that brings you money by thinking as little time as possible. We have seen in the art of making money (or not) that to have a real […]