Month: October 2018

How to lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in just 4 months? With motivation and rigor, you can lose weight naturally . Objective 1: become aware of changing dietary habits To ensure effective weight loss, you need to know where you are . The index that determines the body size of an adult person aged 18 […]

How to lose 40 kg with the Dukan diet?

With the Dukan diet , it is quite possible to quickly lose 40 kg, more easily than with a conventional diet or a balanced diet . Adapted to the physiognomy of the man or the woman, the Dukan method seduces by its simplicity and the result displayed on the scale . The slimming shop Anaca3 […]

7 Qi Gong exercises to lose weight

Losing weight is not always easy, on the contrary losing weight becomes a real challenge if you are not motivated. Above all, motivation is the key to losing weight properly. Then, the physical activities will be obligatory, and will follow the diets. true light keto In addition, Qi Gong is a form of Chinese meditation […]

Eutonia: exercises to stretch and relax without sport or effort

you also seek to find a more global balance. Neither sport nor yoga, eutonie gives you the opportunity to listen to your feelings. The point about the benefits of this original relaxation method and how to practice it. The slimming shop Anaca3 How to apply this method of relaxation? The “Alexander method” is preferably practiced […]

Multiphasic sleep: benefits on sport?

What is multiphasic sleep? It’s a whole new approach to managing your rest time and fighting chronic fatigue. Many people lend him great virtues and especially unparalleled benefits on their sports performance. There are many followers in the world of bodybuilding for example. Is it really good for your health? What is the long-term impact? […]

How to lose weight at the gym?

Practicing an endurance sport like fitness is an effective way to have finer knees. Head to the gym for coaching advice and good exercises to refine your calves. Practice indoors to refine your knees Where does the fat come from around the knees? The fat that accumulates in the knees is usually due to problems […]

Is zumba recommended for slimming thighs?

Born in 1986, Zumba is a dance especially recommended for all those who want to keep fit while losing weight . It is an aerobatic dance composed of rather simple choreographies and including many repetitions of 4 or 5 movements. It is largely inspired by the practice of fitness . By regularly practicing zumba, it […]

Lose thighs with the trampoline?

“I would like to lose my cellulite while having fun …” This is what you often say, without finding the right sport . Look no further, the trampoline is here to help you build your body easily , especially your thighs.Here are some tips and tricks that could serve you. How to lose thighs with […]

L’ab wheel pour des abdominaux en béton !

A flat and muscular belly is a very common dream but not so accessible as it seems . Finally, if you do not have the right methods because in reality, having concrete abs is easy. To access this Eldorado, you will have to turn a little bit towards the world of bodybuilding and more  Slim […]

How many calories in a sundae?

Summer is approaching, the temperature is rising, the desire to enjoy an ice cream is getting stronger and stronger. One of the ice cream stars is of course the sundae , but is it recommended when you pay attention to its line? The sundae during a diet? The answer is clear, no.  Evolution lean keto sundae […]