Month: September 2018

Noodles: villain or good guy?

If proteins are the food group responsible for muscle building, carbohydrates are directly responsible for acquiring energy. The human body is always burning carbohydrates in order to get the energy needed for the many daily activities we do. The pasta, in this case, is one of the main representatives of the carbohydrate food group, along […]

Leave your supplements more powerful

In this article, I will go through four combinations of supplements proven by studies that make your supplementation primalis rx more potent, that is, more effective. Want to know what these combinations are, read the article in its entirety. First, as we have already said in several other articles, dietary supplements should never serve as the […]


1. It came unintentionally “In 1986, I was already a gym teacher and one day I only had a cassette tape with songs recorded from the radio to give the lesson – no accessories! As I also have the training of dancer, I improvised for alpha male x an hour with dance choreography. It worked! People […]

How to Beat Prank: 7 Tips for Incredible Masturbation

Masturbation is a sexual habit that starts very early, already in pre-adolescence. This makes many mums believe they know everything about your penis and about the pleasures a good wank can provide. But that is not true. Most men do not know how to exploit the full potential of masturbation and can not achieve t5x extreme […]

How to firm up your thighs in 3 weeks?

Summer is coming and you still wonder “how am I going to be able to tone my thighs quickly without starting a diet”? With a few targeted exercises and regular physical activity, you will be able to say bye bye to cellulite and refine your figure. Follow the guide ! Daily exercises for 1 month […]

How to look thinner arms?

Did you know that the arms are at the top of the list of the most common complexes? Well, like any other part of the body, you will probably be happy to know that there are some fashion tips that will help you look slimmer in the arms. The solution is in your closet! The […]

Does the tiger balm make you lose weight?

It is well known that many Asian products have remarkable health benefits. The tiger balm is one of them. It is said to be very effective at losing weight fast. Moreover, scientific studies have even proven that it also has many other health benefits. A flat stomach ally? The tiger balm is a Chinese balm […]

How many calories does the sugar pie count?

Sugar pie and calories are two words that go well together. This typical dessert of the North of France is not advised in case of regime. Nutritional value and recipe of the sugar pie The pie is not a light food, in fact there are 460-480 kcal per 100g. The nutritional distribution is as follows: […]

Is zucchini gratin low in calories?

Zucchini gratin, light and quick dish to prepare, is a relatively low calorie food and many benefits. How many calories in a zucchini gratin? With 154 calories in a 100 gram serving, this vegetable dish without spices can be an ally in a slimming diet. Rich in protein, carbohydrates, but also in fat, the gratin […]